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Done Deals – The Big Picture

The success of a client's deal is about much more than the transaction itself. It's about the very future of the client's business. That's why, at Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C., we're committed to not just getting the deal done, but doing the deal that works best for each client. Our Done Deals – The Big Picture deal books highlight some of the transactions our clients have entrusted to us. We hope they leave you with a better understanding of our capabilities.

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WHD Whyte Lights

“Whyte Lights” is a program that supports our communities in a very unique way. In the month of October, WHD made $100 available to every employee who wished to use the money, at their discretion, to support a local organization, an individual in need, or even a complete stranger who could use a little help. The participation was tremendous and the results were moving.

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WHD Litigation Results 2014

WHD Litigation Results is a collection of some of the results we obtained for our clients over the past year, as well as a sampling of the accolades members of our Litigation Practice Group received.

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International Transactions - Helping clients reach across borders.

WHD’s International Transactions Team represents U.S.-based clients going abroad as well as international clients making investments and considering business in the United States. In addition to direct transactional services, WHD counsels clients on a wide range of other international matters such as intellectual property, customs and duties, immigration, litigation and arbitration, international taxation, finance, and compliance and enforcement matters. This publication provides an overview of the team’s capabilities.

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WHD Forethought 2014

At Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C., our mission is Client Success. That means our focus always remains on our clients and their goals. We are keenly aware of our role in helping clients achieve those goals. More than attorneys, we are trusted advisers, helping our clients look ahead to see strategic issues, or avoid costly problems. That’s the idea behind Forethought. 2014 marks our fourth edition of this popular resource, which provides a sneak peek at the critical legal issues we think our clients and friends may face in the coming year, or at least subjects we feel are worth discussing in greater detail. As we look ahead to 2014, WHD wants to help you find the next opportunity and plan well for your next investment. Our 2014 edition of Forethought is a collection of forward-looking ideas that should help you execute better and, we hope, get you to the new opportunity while avoiding a few obstacles along the way. In short, we hope to help you succeed.

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Wisconsin Law Summary

The Wisconsin Law Summary is written and published by WHD attorneys. Through this book, we have attempted to provide a broad outline of legal principals that frequently arise in Wisconsin. This book is not intended to serve as a comprehensive statement of law. In addressing any legal issue, the reader should consult with an attorney qualified in the particular area under review. The Wisconsin Law Summary is not intended to provide legal advice or counsel to the reader.

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