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About Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.

Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. (WHD), a full-service business law firm with significant litigation expertise, is fueled by the desire to move clients to success. This often means seeing—and creating—opportunities beyond the expected. For example, our chief executive is one of few non-attorneys in the country to hold the top position at a law firm. This refreshing point of view allows our attorneys to navigate cases and negotiate deals in ways that are most meaningful for our clients, not the way everybody else does it. 
Since the firm’s founding in 1943, the world continues to change while our commitment to the success of each client remains constant. Yet, we embrace change and seek results through continued forward momentum. We deliver exceptional service and innovative, practical solutions to our local, regional and national clients. This ambition is backed by decades of experience, in and out of the boardroom and courtroom, and for clients in a range of industries. Our more than 160 professionals practice in the areas of law and business consulting that our clients need out of offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Waukesha County, Wis., and Chicago.

WHD’s Experience

While legal expertise is an essential component of our service portfolio, we recognize that this alone is not enough to effectively and efficiently represent clients given today’s social and business conditions. For that reason, our professionals have enriched this offering with perspectives and business acumen gleaned from their industry experience and advanced educational degrees. Many of them have gone beyond the study of law to earn graduate degrees in a variety of fields including engineering, medicine, business, technology, tax, political science and dispute resolution. Additionally, prior to practicing law, many worked in industries including technology, insurance, government, engineering, medicine, human resources, telecommunications, finance, construction and nonprofit. These extensive, diverse skills and perspectives allow us to craft practical solutions for virtually any legal challenge.

WHD’s Approach

Because our clients and their success always come first, we continually search for unconventional solutions to problems that take less time and result in more profit to the client’s bottom line. We deliver client success by recruiting, developing and retaining quality professionals trained in the core disciplines that make a difference to our clients—finance, negotiation, dispute resolution and project management for complex transactions. Our priorities in delivering advice are finding pragmatic solutions with urgency and operational efficiency. We do things right the first time.
Our approach includes a thorough understanding of each client’s operations, objectives and expectations, a focus on efficiency, and an uncompromised commitment to service. Our highest priority is to understand the client’s business and what is needed to make it more profitable. Time is money, and our clients’ businesses are fueled by both.

We then satisfy those needs promptly and appropriately. We know the importance of accessibility; therefore, through multiple avenues of communication our attorneys are available 24/7. Technology makes it easy for us to draw on the experiences and resources found in each of our offices. Additionally, the firm is staffed in a way that ensures the client’s needs remain paramount. Our administration and support staff actively collaborate with attorneys and interact with clients to ensure that the focus of the entire firm remains where it belongs—on the client.

The WHD Difference

Our Business Structure – Our organizational structure, which includes a chief executive with extensive experience as a business owner outside of a law firm, and a board of directors also with business experience, mirrors that of our clients. Thus, we are better prepared to understand the issues and concerns faced by our clients in a business environment.

Legal Project Management – We work continuously to improve our processes for providing legal and business consulting services. We offer an aggressive legal project management program to assist lawyers and our clients in budgeting, staffing and managing client projects. Cael LPM™ software uses an intuitive interface that provides straightforward tools to set an achievable budget at the outset of an engagement. Attorneys and project managers can manage matters, budgets and deadlines with a simple progress tracking system that updates constantly as work is performed and tasks are completed. Legal project management makes sure we do things only once and always right, thereby avoiding needless and costly duplication of effort.
WHDQ (The Quick Review Queue) – WHDQ is ideally suited for companies with a high volume of contracts with fairly standard terms and conditions (e.g., purchase orders) that are in need of legal review. The efficient, economical and electronic solution frees up time for in-house counsel to focus on more complex projects. WHDQ is a lean, streamlined solution at a fixed fee—and produces a guaranteed deliverable through a secure web portal within three business days (subject to clearance of conflicts). We developed the WHDQ solution in response to client needs for efficient delivery, budget predictability, and reduced costs.

Negotiation Training – Clients expect lawyers to be extraordinary negotiators, yet few have any negotiating training. We do, and it’s a core discipline. Our professionals make our clients more profitable by applying our formally trained negotiation skills to their business problems, and by helping their employees negotiate better deals on vendor purchases and customer sales. Moreover, through the WHD Institute for Negotiation (WIN), a number of our attorneys in turn provide negotiation training to clients and contacts of the firm.

Strategic Alliances – WHD is the only Wisconsin member of the global law firm network International Business Law Consortium (IBLC). Our membership with IBLC enables us to use its local expertise to deliver highly effective legal solutions by drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of other member firms within the United States and around the world.




Team Approach – One of our core values is that client success is enabled through a coordinated team effort. We utilize a team of professionals, not merely attorneys, to deliver superior services that are efficient, timely and cost-effective. We are built to win for our clients.  

Our Office Environment

As members of an inspiring team, our employees put their talents to work in a vibrant, rewarding and stimulating environment. Our offices are comfortable, contemporary and situated in the bustling downtowns of Wisconsin's largest and most energetic cities: Milwaukee, positioned along the western shore of Lake Michigan, and Madison, the state capital. Each location is enhanced by cultural, sports and other attractions and amenities one would expect of a big city.