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Since the firm’s founding in 1943, WHD’s appellate lawyers have been at the forefront of countless landmark cases across a broad spectrum of substantive areas. Representing a diverse range of clients, from large corporations, to trade organizations and other public interests groups, to indigent individuals, our skilled appellate advocates have successfully prosecuted and defended cases pending before numerous state and federal appellate bodies. More...

Arbitration, Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

WHD is committed to a thorough understanding of each client's mission, operations, strategic objectives and expectations, and organization. This understanding, coupled with superior service and a focus on the development of creative and effective resolutions to legal issues, serve as a natural platform for WHD's successful Arbitration, Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Team. More...

Business & Commercial Litigation

When your business interests are at stake, you can rely on WHD's Business & Commercial Litigation Team to work with you to develop the best strategy to meet your objectives. We understand that opportunity, risk and risk avoidance are part of business. Accordingly, we seek to understand your business and counsel you in view of your business goals. More...

Construction Services—Litigation

WHD appreciates that construction industry clients prefer to avoid litigation whenever possible, but sometimes formal dispute resolution is the best, or only, option. When that time comes, WHD has a proven track record of successfully resolving complex construction litigation claims. More...

Corporate Compliance & White Collar Defense

Businesses and individuals face a variety of challenges when the government launches an investigation concerning past conduct or financial transactions. The attorneys on WHD’s Corporate Compliance & White Collar Defense Team are experienced in investigations and fact gathering and can assist clients with resolving a variety of situations that threaten the financial resources of a business entity or a person due to potential governmental civil or criminal sanctions. More...

Employment Litigation

An employer faced with litigation involving a current or former employee requires experienced, effective counsel to bring the litigation to a successful resolution with as little disruption to its business as possible. For this reason, employers confronting an employment-related lawsuit rely on WHD's Employment Litigation Team not only for our depth and experience in a wide range of employment litigation, but because they also find great value in our practical, hands-on approach, which helps them achieve successful results as quickly and efficiently as possible. More...

Environmental Litigation

WHD’s Environmental Litigation Team represents individuals and businesses in matters involving a wide range of environmental disputes that find their way into judicial or administrative proceedings before state and federal agencies. More...

ERISA Litigation

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) presents employers and their insurers with a complex web of regulations covering employees' health plans and pension benefits. In this environment, disputes over coverage loom as a constant threat. Clients come to the WHD's ERISA Team for unmatched ERISA-focused experience that enables us to provide skilled litigation counsel and knowledgeable advice regarding these complicated issues. More...

Family Law

At WHD, it's our inventory of talent and experience that sets our Family Law Team apart. Our attorneys are also business lawyers who focus their practices on family reorganizations and the dissolution of unique partnerships: those affecting marriage and the family. More...

Health Care Litigation

From claims of medical negligence and wrongful death, to insurance coverage and payment disputes, to privacy issues and physician contracts, today’s health care providers face a variety of challenges that can prompt litigation. WHD’s Health Care Litigation Team capably and efficiently defends lawsuits and regulatory complaints on behalf of hospitals, nursing homes and physicians, and prosecutes claims for payment and breach of contract for those same clients. Our team also defends lawsuits and regulatory complaints for employee benefit plans, third-party administrators, and employee benefit plan insurers. More...

Insurance Coverage & Analysis

WHD's Insurance Coverage & Analysis Team offers the insurance coverage expertise necessary to effectively represent either insurers or insureds. The team's substantial experience includes successful resolution of hundreds of contested coverage matters at both the trial court and appellate court levels in state and federal courts. More...

Intellectual Property Litigation

WHD's IP Litigation Practice brings together lawyers who have demonstrated their mastery of managing complex litigation and understanding the unique challenges presented by intellectual property litigation. More...

Legal Malpractice Defense

WHD's Legal Malpractice Defense Team has more than 30 years of experience in defending professional liability claims against attorneys. Since the 1970s, we have defended more than 180 attorneys and their firms in legal malpractice lawsuits. Many of these cases involved multi-million dollar claims in either state or federal courts. More...

Municipal Law & Civil Rights

WHD’s Municipal Law & Civil Rights Team has successfully defended counties, cities, villages, towns, school districts, and other municipal entities against a broad spectrum of alleged violations of constitutional rights and rights created by state law. Their technical skill and success have earned them a reputation for aggressive, effective defense of such claims. More...

Product Liability Litigation & Risk Avoidance

While many legal practices specialize in defending and prosecuting product liability lawsuits, WHD takes a different approach. We view our product liability practice as a continuum—with litigation at the far end of that spectrum. Our goal: to keep our clients from ever reaching that point. More...

Professional Liability Litigation

Professional services practitioners face significant legal threats to their careers and livelihoods. Millions of dollars are often at stake in liability claims brought against professionals. Equally critical, their reputations are on the line. Practitioners in a variety of professions turn to WHD's Professional Liability Litigation Team for more than just our record of successfully defending against a large number of claims. More...

Real Estate & Eminent Domain Litigation

WHD’s Real Estate & Eminent Domain Litigation Team represents businesses, individual landowners, developers, landlords, investors and governmental entities when real estate is at the core of the dispute. The team’s attorneys are not only experienced trial lawyers, they are also familiar with dispute resolution and work closely with WHD’s transactional real estate professionals to achieve client success without litigation whenever possible. More...

Securities Litigation

A claim brought against a securities broker/dealer represents more than a legal threat. A broker's reputation and entire business may be on the line. In such cases, securities brokers and broker/dealers need a legal partner in whom they can have complete confidence. WHD's Securities Litigation Team brings decades of deep experience and expertise in producing rapid, successful resolutions for our clients in cases brought before the National Association of Securities Dealers and in the state of Wisconsin. More...

Toxic Tort Litigation & Consultation

At WHD, the defense of toxic tort lawsuits is not business as usual. We do not accept that just because something has been done a certain way in the past, it ought to be done that way in the future. Too often in today's world of toxic torts, defense attorneys slip into a formulaic and rote manner of handling cases, often with the assumption that the cases will never go to trial. More...

Trade Regulation & Antitrust

Antitrust laws are being enforced with increasing vigor creating great concern for many growing companies. The healthcare industry is under particularly intense scrutiny by the government. WHD's Trade Regulation & Antitrust Team leverages extensive experience and expertise as advisors and litigators defending clients in healthcare and other industries against antitrust challenges. More...

Transportation Litigation & Compliance

WHD's Transportation Law Team offers a wealth of experience in representing transportation clients at both the state and national levels. We have built a team of professionals whose expertise supports all of the areas that affect transportation businesses, including casualty, cargo and catastrophic personal injury claims, as well as real estate, employment and business transactions. More...

Trust, Estate & Fiduciary Litigation

WHD’s Trust, Estate & Fiduciary Litigation Team attorneys represent individuals, financial institutions, and nonprofit organizations in disputes arising from the administration of estates and trusts and the validity and interpretation of wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents. Our team also represents individual and corporate fiduciaries in controversies relating to a fiduciary’s unique duties and responsibilities. We help our clients develop strategies to resolve such disputes in probate and non-probate contexts, in state and federal court, through negotiated settlement, mediation, and, when necessary, through trial. More...


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