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Patent and Trademark Contested Administrative Proceedings

WHD recognizes the great value that contested administrative proceedings present for clients, now more so than ever before. WHD also recognizes that, with the introduction of the new contested administrative proceedings under the AIA, there now exists unprecedented complexity associated both with evaluating whether one or more of these options may be appropriate for clients given their particular circumstances (including whether litigation is likely or already ongoing), and with effectively pursuing one or more of these proceedings. With this in mind, WHD’s Contested Administrative Proceedings Team is committed to explaining these options to clients, helping them determine their best courses of action, and providing exceptional yet cost-effective counsel in guiding clients through these proceedings so as to achieve excellent results. More... 

Intellectual Property Counseling & Protection

WHD's Intellectual Property Counseling & Protection Team is committed to being a member of your team—and focused on making you, your innovations and your company successful. We offer the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to provide clients with a full range of services. We represent large and small, national and international clients in all areas of intellectual property law, and pride ourselves on meeting the diverse and ever-expanding needs of these clients. More... 

Intellectual Property Litigation

WHD's IP Litigation Practice brings together lawyers who have demonstrated their mastery of managing complex litigation and understanding the unique challenges presented by intellectual property litigation. More... 

Life Sciences

In the highly technical, rapidly evolving life sciences marketplace, innovative companies face numerous challenges in protecting their groundbreaking intellectual property. To advance the unique interests of these companies, the professionals on WHD's Life Sciences Team combine legal and scientific prowess with personal service and reasonable fee structure. More...
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