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Federal Taxation
So many business activities—from corporate transactions to employee compensation to long-term planning—have significant tax implications. That’s why, at Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C., corporate law and tax law are integrated pursuits. Our Federal Taxation Team delivers more than experience and expertise in a wide array of tax matters affecting our clients’ companies. We also offer the business acumen and corporate law insight it takes to advance our clients’ unique interests and produce the most advantageous tax outcomes for their businesses.
WHD’s experience encompasses the following principal areas related to federal tax:
  • Corporate structures
  • Reorganizations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Executive compensation
  • Employee ownership stake
  • Audits
  • IRS appeals
  • Succession planning

Our Approach

The U.S. Congress regularly makes significant changes in federal tax law, and in recent years has enacted complex changes to laws governing corporations.
Understanding and adapting to this evolving legal landscape is critical to the success of any business. WHD’s Federal Taxation Team is committed to rigorous study of any changes in both tax and corporate law so that we can help our clients continue to avoid potential tax pitfalls in their businesses, as well as capitalize on unique opportunities.
In the tax audit and appeals process before the Internal Revenue Service, we leverage our experience and expertise in advancing our clients’ business interests. We also advise clients on their business activities in a way that advocates for both the best business decisions and the best tax strategies—whether it’s a sale transaction, a reorganization, an executive compensation plan or many other actions. In this manner, we help our clients optimize the tax implications of any given transaction or execute the best business transactions for tax purposes.

Our Team

The Federal Taxation Team is composed of high-caliber attorneys who bring dual expertise in corporate and tax law to our clients. Some team members hold accounting degrees and are CPAs; others have MBAs in tax.