Credit Union Law
Team Leader
Given their structure and governance, credit unions have many unique legal needs. With this in mind, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.'s Credit Union Law Team was designed to offer its clients a broad array of services to meet their every requirement and a depth of experience that allows WHD to not only understand these unique needs, but anticipate them. In this way WHD is helping Credit Unions be more competitive and more successful. 

WHD’s Credit Union Law Team encompasses the following principal areas:

Regulatory compliance. Working with credit unions to address a wide range of state and federal regulatory issues. This involves in-depth knowledge of and experience with:
  • Federal Truth in Lending Law and Regulation Z 
  • Chapter 186 and Wisconsin Office of Credit Union regulations 
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B 
  • Federal Credit Union Act and National Credit Union Administration regulations 
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Regulation E 
  • Bank Secrecy Act 
  • Fair Credit and Charge Card Disclosure Act 
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act and Regulation X 
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

Credit Union Mergers and Acquisitions.  We have a strong background in M&A transactions involving financial institutions.

  • Advice, due diligence and merger and acquisition documents for credit union mergers and acquisitions, including acquisitions of branches of other financial institutions
  • Assistance with all aspects of the transaction, including real estate and environmental matters, employment issues, and acquisition of investment businesses
  • Assistance in preparation of state and NCUA regulatory filings for merger and acquisition approval
  • Preparation of Hart-Scott-Rodino Pre-merger Notification Filing to FTC and USDOJ
  • Legal compliance review of loan files acquired in acquisitions

Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO).  We have extensive experience in establishing and representing CUSOs.

  • Organization of CUSO and preparation of operating agreement or bylaws
  • Preparation of private placement memorandums for funding of CUSOs and related investment documents 
  • Compliance with NCUA CUSO rules and state CUSO regulations 
  • Preparation of agreements with vendors and customers
  • Employment agreements
  • Privacy law compliance

Corporate and Other Services. With a focused understanding of the particular needs of credit unions, as well as a strong background in business and corporate law, WHD can help credit unions in areas including:

  • Business Lending
  • Bankruptcy/Receiverships
  • Data Breach and other Cyber Liability 
  • Employment Law
  • Employee Benefits
  • Intellectual Property
  • Technology Law
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate Law
Litigation. With a winning team of litigators at its disposal, WHD is called upon to represent credit unions in cases involving: regulatory disputes, employment disputes, bond claims and other legal matters.

Corporate Governance. With its unique structure and membership, credit unions often require counsel in areas including: member rights, director responsibilities and organization bylaws. WHD’s Credit Union Team has vast experience in working through these issues.

Our Approach

As not-for-profit, depositor-owned cooperatives, credit unions are keenly focused on their members’ interests. This requires a different legal competence—one that is closely aligned with credit union priorities and practices. The attorneys in WHD’s Credit Union Law Team have the legal knowledge and the financial network to turn each credit union legal challenge into an opportunity.  The team also has the insight required to help credit unions better serve their individual members—and to do so in a way that makes sense in a continually changing financial marketplace.

As such, WHD is focused on redefining the practice of credit union law.  That means keeping an eye on the immediate and long-range changes in the marketplace to design more effective services to assist credit union leadership.

Our Team

WHD has developed a strong, dedicated and seasoned Credit Union Law Team committed to producing results. This team understands the key differences of credit unions from other financial institutions, as well as the fine nuances required to effectively counsel or represent them. 

Team leader Gina Carter has more than 25 years of experience in working with credit unions. This includes representing individual credit unions (both large and small), credit union trade associations and credit union service organizations.  She has left a visible and indelible mark on the industry, and is renowned for her ability to quickly and decisively assess each situation and act with passion and foresight to address the issues at hand. She and her team are single-minded about helping their credit union clients achieve their goals.