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Government Affairs
Team Leaders
Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.'s Government Affairs Team includes experienced former public servants who have the depth, breadth, and ability to aid our clients in understanding Wisconsin government and achieving their goals within it. From both sides of the aisle, and from both the legislative and executive branch, we have a diverse knowledge of the inner workings of the state government and a wealth of experience at each level of administration. As practicing attorneys, our bipartisan team seeks to combine our legal expertise with our extensive experience to deliver the best possible advice, the best possible direction, and the best possible result for our clients.
With more than 40 years of combined experience, our bipartisan team has worked on a wide range of issues, with an even wider range of goals. From working with major Fortune 500 companies to helping nonprofits, we have developed the knowledge and flexibility to meet the needs of any client and bring their goals within Wisconsin to a positive result. We possess the unique ability to understand technical and business requirements and translate those into effective and workable results before the Wisconsin legislative and executive branches, independent regulatory agencies, and the media.
To achieve our aims, we work with our clients to develop a far-reaching strategy that will maximize our effect. We target the key decision makers associated with our clients’ goals, find and build relationships with potential allies, and develop a comprehensive communication strategy to government officials, the public, and to the media that works to achieve our clients' goals.
Our expertise also includes crisis communications. In times of crisis our clients turn to our firm to assist them in telling “their story,” and protecting their reputation—setting the record straight in an accurate and transparent fashion.
Among law firms and independent contract lobbyists providing government relations, we believe that none has a practice that offers more comprehensive ability to address the needs of various clients—whether before the state legislature, in government offices, in the media, or in commercial or litigation matters that have public policy dimensions.

Government Affairs Advisors

Stephen J. Lyons
Government Affairs / Crisis Communications Advisor

Government Affairs Specialists

Nathan J. Halbach
Government Affairs Specialist