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Insurance Coverage & Analysis
Team Leader
Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.'s Insurance Coverage & Analysis Team offers the insurance coverage expertise necessary to effectively represent either insurers or insureds.

The team's substantial experience includes successful resolution of hundreds of contested coverage matters at both the trial court and appellate court levels in state and federal courts. Our talented attorneys bring general trial experience to assist clients, a quality that enhances our credibility in sophisticated insurance cases.

WHD clients also benefit from our national connections through organizations like the American Law Firm Association (ALFA) and insurance industry connections secured by WHD lawyers’ outside engagements. Our team members include current members of the boards of major insurance companies, and members who provide in-house consulting services to major health insurers.

Our Experience

Attorneys on our team have:
  • Handled numerous cases involving claims made on group disability and group health policies funding insured employee benefit plans, as well as claims on life insurance policies, individual policies not subject to ERISA, and change in control severance agreements.
  • Successfully assisted corporate insureds in negotiations with insurance carriers when faced with mass tort litigation involving multiple primary and excess insurers and spanning multiple policy years, including the negotiation of a variety of insurance policy buybacks and coverage-in-place agreements involving hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of corporate policyholders in the context of both asbestos and environmental litigation.
  • Successfully assisted corporate insureds in litigation with insurance companies over coverage for mass tort claims.
  • Consulted with in-house counsel for national health insurance companies in managing national health insurance litigation.
  • Assisted insurance company clients and corporate insureds in policy form drafting, risk analysis and alternative risk management programs.
  • Represented insurance company clients in the resolution of complex reinsurance matters, in communications with regulatory authorities, and in regulatory matters involving insurance claim procedures.
  • Counseled corporate insureds and insurance company clients in the context of insurer insolvencies and liquidations.
  • Reviewed clients’ overall insurance programs to identify potential gaps in coverage, focusing particularly on technology-related risks and directors and officers coverages.
  • Advised clients on the unique insurance coverage issues that arise in the context of the construction and information technology industries.
  • Negotiated joint defense agreements and sharing agreements among multiple insurers of a mutual insured.
  • Advised the firm’s major insurance clients with hundreds of coverage analyses in a variety of contexts ranging from commercial liability disputes and employment liability claims to municipal and school liability claims to civil rights claims against government entities and employees to health care industry claims.
  • Litigated claims of bad faith on behalf of both policyholders and insurers.
  • Successfully represented corporate clients and insurers on coverage issues in the context of complex environmental litigation.
  • Served as insurance defense counsel for the firm’s major insurance clients, successfully defending thousands of insureds under a wide variety of liability policies ranging from individual homeowners to government entities to corporate and institutional insureds to major members of the transportation industry.