Health Care
Team Leaders
The mission of Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.'s Health Care Law Team is simple: to provide all of our health care clients with strategic counsel and solutions to further their business goals. We identify our clients' legal concerns, analyze and predict the effects of changing laws and circumstances, and help to develop and implement strategies to achieve each client's business objectives. We excel at this because we strive to thoroughly understand our clients’ operations and objectives, as well as the risks and business realities of each situation, and we then apply the legal experience and skills our colleagues have developed that are relevant to each client's needs.
Health care providers require a wide array of legal services because of the complexity of their operations and the regulatory environment in which they operate. WHD meets their needs by utilizing the skills our colleagues have developed in many discrete areas of health law. Members of our group regularly serve hospitals, long term care providers, mental health treatment providers, physicians and other health care providers in diverse matters such as fraudulent abuse, health information privacy, bond financing, corporate governance and transactions, information technology, government investigations, licensing disputes, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, employment and employee benefit issues, real estate and tax assessment disputes.
In many respects, health care law is a product of state and federal statutes and regulations. We are committed to helping our clients achieve corporate compliance with the laws that apply to their enterprise, but our attorneys also have significant experience assisting clients who need to challenge questionable or unreasonable applications of government rules. We routinely appear before and work with a wide array of regulatory and investigative bodies. When necessary, we vigorously litigate cases at all levels of the federal and state court systems to protect our clients' rights.
We also actively work with health care providers and government officials in order to seek changes in statutes or regulations. Our Government Affairs Team works to successfully influence legislation and administrative rules. We monitor the status of legislation on the federal level and in every state so that our clients can anticipate, rather than react to, legislation influencing health care issues.
WHD has more than a dozen practice areas within the Health Care Law Team, and many of our attorneys are highly recognized in their disciplines. 
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Government Affairs Advisors

Stephen J. Lyons
Government Affairs / Crisis Communications Advisor